QuickBooks "QBW32.EXE - Fatal Application Exit" error using Remote Connector

  • 28 April 2023
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Hello All,

I am using the CData OBDC driver and Remote Connector to integrate SQL Server with QuickBooks Desktop. I have SLQ stored procedures that query QB as a linked server. I'm using this to query the QB customer list and insert timesheet records. It works great 90% of the time. About 10% of the time QB throws and error "QBW32.EXE - Fatal Application Exit" with an open dialog box on the server which must be manually acknowledged. Everything works fine again once the error is acknowledged.

QuickBooks Desktop along with the QB company file are installed on a server. The CData OBDC driver and Remote Connector are also installed on the same server. This installation of QB desktop is dedicated to the SQL integration. Other users in the company access the QB company file from local installations of QB Desktop on their PC's

There is an external app that triggers the SQL stored procs. It was my intention to run the integration unattended on the server. The Remote Connector will automatically log into QB when SQL calls a query to run. Again, it all works fine most of the time.

I realize the error is most likely a QB issue, but QB tech support has not been overly helpful because it's a 3rd party integration which they don't directly support. All of this has been up and running for almost two years. QB has been updated and reinstalled twice since then. There has been no change in the frequency of this error.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem?


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Thank you for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear that this error has been occurring. After looking into this issue, it seems that it is typically caused by the QuickBooks company file being corrupted or damaged. The links below should provide some insight into the cause of the error along with suggestions on how to resolve it. If the issue continues to persist, however, reaching out to Intuit Support again may be the best option, as the error is thrown by QuickBooks itself and they should be better equipped to explain its cause.

While the error does appear to be on QuickBooks's end, if you would like to create a support case, we would be happy to take a look at the driver's logfile to ensure that nothing is being thrown on its end. Please let us know if anything else is needed!


Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for the reply. Your proposed solutions have been investigated several times over the last year. The company file has been checked for errors. QuickBooks has been updated and reinstalled several times. Tech support cases have been opened with both CData and Intuit. I seem to be caught in the circle of deniability. I would like to find someone else with a similar configuration that does not have any issues. It would be reassuring to know this driver can interact with QuickBooks and work consistently without issues before investing more time into the problem.