Rich Data Experience with CData Drivers

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CData Drivers provides rich data and offer an out-of-the-box experience, supporting a number of technology stacks including JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET.  Here are four other ways CData enriches your data experience.

Universal Standards: CData optimizes the interoperability of APIs by exposing mapped resources for common use cases and operations to a corresponding relational model, with tables, views, and stored procedures, making it easy for developers to code against it like they would with any other database driver.  

Data Model:  CData drivers automatically detect complex structures and metadata, then model them in a relational manner or other configurations, making it easier to connect to the data you need. If you know SQL, you can build user-defined views, manipulate the data model, and define custom entities.

Query language - Standard SQL query 92 language – You don’t need to learn all of the different variations of SQL. A full SQL-92-ready query engine is built into each of the CData drivers and maps standard SQL-92 to the underlying SQL dialect used by the data source. The CData drivers then fill in any missing SQL-92 compatible features client-side, so developers can take advantage of the full power of SQL.

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