How to retrieve Sales Quotes using the CData Acumatica driver

  • 16 October 2023
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There are a lot of screens that you will not be able to retrieve directly from the API or using our driver as they are not in the default endpoint. The default endpoint will not have all the screens mapped but you can extend that endpoint and map the screen you need. In this case, you can extend the endpoint and map the Sales Quotes screen (as described in the Acumatica Community article: ). 

Below are the steps and a few screenshots of the options that would help you get started: 

1. You need to use the “Web Service Endpoint” form to create an endpoint as an extension of an existing endpoint. Open ‘Web Service Endpoint’ from the search tab. 

2. Select the endpoint that you want the new endpoint to be based on as follows: 

  • Select the name of the base endpoint in the “Endpoint Name” box (i.e. Default). 

  • Select the version of the base endpoint in the “Endpoint Version” box. 

3. Click “EXTEND ENDPOINT” on the form toolbar. 

4. In the “Extend Current Endpoint” dialog box, which opens, make sure the correct name and version of the base endpoint are specified in the “Base Endpoint Name” and “Base Endpoint Version” boxes. Specify the name of the new endpoint in the “Endpoint Name” box (in my case I have set: DefaultExtended) and the version of the new endpoint in the “Endpoint Version” box (I have selected 22.200.001, feel free to choose another value) and click “OK”. 




The new endpoint with the name and version you specified will appear on the form. On the left pane of the form, you can see the list of entities that were inherited from the base endpoint. 

5. Click “INSERT” to add an entity. Set a name in the Object Name (in my case: SalesQuotesTestDemo) and map it to the Sales Quotes screen: 




Note: Make sure you choose the Sales Quotes with ScreenId= CR304500. Then click Ok. 

6. Populate the fields of the screen by selecting the object (Quote Summary): 




Then click Ok

7. Click Save on the form toolbar. 




Now you are ready to use the new endpoint to retrieve the Sales Quotes data. 

8. In the connection string/manager of the CData Acumatica driver set the new values of the EndpointVersion and the EndpointName properties (in my case EndpointVersion=22.200.001 and EndpointName=DefaultExtended). An example of the connections string would be: 


9. You can then run the following query examples: 

“Select * from sys_tables” -> retrieves the available tables/views; 




“Select * from SalesQuotesTestDemo” -> retrieves the Sales Quotes data. SalesQuotesTestDemo represents the name of the newly created entity in the extended endpoint.  



Please reach out to if you run into any issues. 

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