Invalid character specified for alias: tableName (columnName)

  • 16 October 2023
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The error message, “Invalid character specified for alias: account (id). Only characters within the ranges [A-Z], [a-z] or [0-9] or _ are allowed.  The first character may only be in the ranges [A-Z], [a-z] or _” is clear in its explanation. It indicates that this error occurs when a column name does not commence with a letter or underscore, or it includes special characters. 


To be able to surpass this issue, you will need to utilize the connection property called QueryMethod (CData ODBC Driver for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - QueryMethod). This property is set to FetchXML by default, which treats the query as XML, therefore the special characters are mistakenly taken as functions. When changing it to QueryExpression which is object-oriented, the column name is treated as a string and resolves any issues with special characters. 



Please reach out to if this does not resolve the problem for you. 

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