Reckon Accounts Hosted Common Errors

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In this article you will find typical scenarios for using the CData data providers with Reckon Accounts Hosted and how to resolve the most common error messages. 

Below you will find procedures and steps to resolve the most common errors encountered when accessing the company file. For clarification moving forward, the Username and UserID properties are related to your Reckon Accounts Hosted accounts. User refers to the user credentials for each company file within Reckon Accounts Hosted. The User will be the login credential that is used to connect to the CData connector as shown below (this example is using the ODBC driver): 



Insufficient permission level to perform this action. 

This error indicates that the Company File user you are using to connect to the CData Connector does not have the appropriate permissions. The user must have either Admin or Full Access permissions to connect with our connector. 

If you encounter this error, you should either check the user permissions and/or reach out to the admin of the company file. 


File access authorization failed for RAH UserID. Access to requested file is denied. 

This error can be a bit complicated, there are two causes. 

  • This error can occur if you attempt to use the Username instead of the UserID when the driver is attempting to login to RAH via OAuth. For clarity you should use the username credential when first logging onto Reckon Accounts Hosted: 





And UserID when first connecting (or testing connecting) the CData connector with RAH: 



  • The other cause is an incorrect company path name. When a pathname is given that does not exist, RAH will throw this error. In this case, there is no actual authorization issue, but RAH is confused, thinking the connector is trying to connect to a company file on a different path that the user does not have access to. 


  •  To address this issue. 

  • Check the company file path again for any dropped details, typos, or the drive. 

  • You must have the full company path, including the drive. Not just the name of the company file itself. For example, the full path for this company file is “Q:\Test1.QBW”: 





So, the Company File property in the CData connection should be the following (this example is using the ODBC driver): 



  • Make sure you are connecting to a QBW file. Backup files or QBB files are not supported with our connectors. 

  • For more details on finding the company file path if you are still running into issues, check out the link below: 

How to find the company file location on Reckon Accounts Hosted 

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