Troubleshooting "Access Denied" Errors on Sync S3 Connector

  • 18 October 2023
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Introduction: Encountering the "Access Denied" error when working with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a common challenge, often stemming from issues related to permissions and access control. This article delves into the technical aspects of resolving this error, shedding light on the primary causes and solutions. Additionally, we explore the concept of limited access to S3 buckets, a crucial practice for organizations aiming to maintain robust security and data governance. 

Understanding the "Access Denied" Error: The root cause of the "Access Denied" error typically lies in the permissions associated with the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user or role utilized to access the S3 bucket. Without the necessary permissions, access to the bucket and its resources is restricted, leading to this error. 

Limited Access to S3 Buckets: Organizations follow a policy of limiting access to S3 buckets and resources for various compelling reasons, encompassing security, regulatory compliance, and data management. By adhering to the principle of least privilege, organizations minimize the risk of unauthorized data exposure and tampering. 

Using the Path Property: In scenarios where granting full access to users is not an option, connecting to the S3 driver becomes a nuanced process. In addition to essential properties like Bucket, Auth Scheme, Region, and File Format, the Path property plays a pivotal role. This property specifies the path to the folder inside the S3 bucket, as configured in the Bucket property. 


Practical Example: Consider an illustrative S3 bucket structure as follows: 

S3 Bucket: my-data-bucket 

Folder Structure: 

- / (Root) 

  - /public_data 

    - data1.parquet 

    - data2.parquet 

  - /private_data 

    - /hr_department 

      - employee_records.parquet 

      - performance_reviews.parquet 

    - /finance_department 

      - financial_reports.parquet 

      - expense_data.parquet 

  - /logs 

    - /access_logs 

      - access_log_1.parquet 

      - access_log_2.parquet 



Suppose you have access permissions solely to the finance_department folder within the /private_data directory. In this scenario, to correctly configure the Path property to connect to this specific folder, you would set it as follows: 

Path: /private_data/finance_department 


This ensures that your Sync S3 connector is directed precisely to the authorized folder, allowing you to interact with the data contained within. 

If this does not resolve the error then please reach out to for further assistance. 

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