CData Sync - Missing values on Snowflake destination

  • 13 October 2023
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When using CData SYNC and replicating to a Snowflake Destination, you may notice that even though the job has run successfully, and the schema of the table in Snowflake has been created, you are still not able to see and load the data.  


This is likely caused by a casing issue as Snowflake expects data to be capitalized for setting certain fields. This can lead to data failing to show up in the Snowflake destination. 


To resolve this issue, you can set the Ignore Case property in your advanced Snowflake connection settings to True as show in the following screenshot:  



This setting directly maps to the QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS_IGNORE_CASE property in Snowflake and specifies whether Snowflake will treat identifiers as case sensitive. Its default value is false making Snowflake more sensitive to casing issues in some cases.  


Please reach out to if this does not resolve the problem for you.   

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