How To Use CData's Internal SSL Libraries in Non-HTTP/Relational Drivers

  • 23 October 2023
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There are some cases when CData’s drivers will throw SSL-related error messages. One such error is the following: 



This error message will typically come up when your server instance is failing to correctly load the SSL configuration settings provided by the CData Driver.  

Typically, the driver will make use of the Operating System's internal SSL libraries.  

If the OS does not have updated SSL libraries, unfortunately, you might see this error.  

However, the CData drivers do allow you to use their internal SSL libraries that come with the installation.  

In the case of non-http protocol-based drivers such as MySQL there are some hidden properties that can be used for this specific case. These properties can be set in the 'Other' connection property as shown: 




For example, the complete JDBC Connection String for such case would be as follows: 


If this does not resolve the error, then please reach out to for further assistance. 

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