Timeout error

  • 3 August 2023
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Timeout errors can have multiple causes in our drivers, but a frequent one is when the default timeout value is too small. When the timeout is too small, requests made to the server might not have enough time to complete. The default value for the timeout in the Advanced Settings Tab should be 60 seconds for most data sources. That means that after 60 seconds of execution of a request, the process will timeout no matter the state of its completion. Therefore, if the request takes longer than 60 seconds to execute, then the Timeout property in the Advanced Settings tab should be changed to something different.  

The best option here is to test with increasingly higher values for the Timeout until an appropriate value is reached. There is also the option of setting the Timeout to 0, which is not recommended as it will completely remove the timeout limit and just wait for the request to run until it fully completes or until it encounters an error. However, be aware that setting the Timeout to 0 will make the application hang if the network ever drops during the procedure. 

It is essential that you hit “Ok” or "Save Changes" before you proceed in order to save the new Timeout value. 

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