Upgrading your License to the latest edition

  • 20 June 2024
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CData Driver Licenses are generally version specific, but as long as your subscription is up to date, you can use the CData License Portal to update your license for any previous year to the current version live on our website. 


To do so, navigate to https://portal.cdata.com/. Here, you may be prompted to make an account to tied to your product keys. Register any and all of your product keys on this page, this will not affect your renewal in any way, this page only allows you to get the latest drivers if you are on an older edition.  


As long as your subscription is valid and up to date, any older product keys should have an ‘Upgrade’ button next to them, which will allow you to get a product key which will work for any of the website builds of our drivers. If there is no button, your keys are already current. 


If you do not want to upgrade your keys for any reason, you can always download older editions of our drivers from the product specific Download Archive, located at the bottom of the drivers download page, for example at the bottom of the following page. 





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