api.rsc/sendFile/ - Can I use it to release files?

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I have order files coming in which are named <ordernumber>.xml

But I need to hold them until they are triggered by another real world event.

I am thinking of fetching them and then holding them in a connector with Automation Send turned off.


Separately, I have status files coming in which I can use to trigger the release of the order file. I’ll inspect the status file and if it contains a certain status I can grab the <ordernumber> from the status file.


Can I use api.rsc/sendFile/  to release a file which is queued in a connector by name?


Is there a better way?


I don’t really want to manage it through a database table.


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If I am understanding the context of your question correctly, then yes you can - the sendFile API is equivalent to navigating to the Input tab of a connector and sending the file in question through the UI:



So if you disable Send Automation for the step which you wish to trigger via API call, you can use the sendFile API to continue processing with the file (if you leave the automation enabled on all subsequent steps, this will release that message into the remainder of the flow)

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Thanks, I’ve coded it like that, just need to test it later today