BUG: Deleting Source Connector breaks XMLMap

  • 21 May 2024
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I’d like to file a bug report for CData Arc™ 2023 - 23.4.8789.0

I have an XML Connector (PrepareForJSONConversion) which was originally created using the output from one connector (MapLorealIFCSUMToET) as an Source File.

That source connector was no longer needed so it was detached and then subsequently deleted at a much later date.

Now the mappings in the XML Connector have gone.

I have no idea if the connector is still performing the expected mappings




I can also no longer export the XMLMap connector.


Expected Operation:

  • not lose mappings
  • if preserving mappings is not possible, then warn the user before the Source connector can be deleted

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Hi Russel,

This issue has been fixed in a later release of the V23 version of the application. You can download it from our archive at



Update to the last release of V23 and let me know if it solves your issue.