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  • 19 April 2023
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Thought I’d post this question here to help build content for the community.

I have a situation where I have a workspace dedicated to  complete document flows for all EDI trading partners (832, 850, 855, 810, 856).  I have a single X12 connector where all documents either send or receive files.

I have another workspace where I have specific  1-off flows created where my application interacts with Arc via API.

An ongoing issue (in my industry) has always been customers asking us to re-send 810 Invoices. My main workspace is setup to send 810 files in a batch at the end of the day.  So I have a flow I created in my “API” workspace where my application allows the user to generate a single 810 file and makes an HTTP POST to the workspaceid and connectorid using /api.rsc/receiveFile through the Admin API.

My question is this:  Since I already have these trading partners X12 connectors (and corresponding AS2 or SFTP connectors) setup in another workspace, is it possible to use the Branch connector Event “After Receive” to send the file over to a specific Workspace and Connector?

I can see the arc:info code present:

<arc:info title="After Receive"  desc="This event is fired after receiving a file.">
<input name="WorkspaceId" desc="The id of the workspace that is receiving file." />
<input name="ConnectorId" desc="The id of the connector that is receiving file." />
<input name="Direction" desc="The direction of transaction." />
<input name="Filename" desc="The name of the file that was received." />
<input name="FilePath" desc="The path of the file that was received." />
<input name="Attachment#" desc="The path of the attachment was received." />
<input name="MessageId" desc="The Id of the transaction." />
<input name="ErrorMessage" desc="If an error occurred, this will contain the error message." />

Currently, I have redundant EDI and MFT connectors in each workspace.  And as our list of Trading Partners grows, so does the use of our licenses.  

Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.


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Hi @ericbux 

CData Arc also supports Workspace Send and Workspace Receive connectors in the Core section that you can use in tandem with your two different workspaces.

From your main workspace, post the files you desire to the Workspace Send connector and receive them in the API workspace using the Workspace Receive connector. Post that, you can attach it to any workflow of your choice as required.

The logic you have implemented also works but as a good practice, I like to keep my logic visible enough for me to understand the inflow and outflow of files. As you mentioned, as your connector count grows, it will be difficult to keep a track of all the ‘subtle’ scripting logics you have implemented.

I am not sure if this helps with your use case. Please confirm.