Can a MySQL Connector Lookup create a new node in XML?

  • 14 December 2023
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My lookup looks like this


`/Items/tracking_events/parcel` node does not exist. Only /Items/tracking_events exists

When I run the connector I don’t get a parcel or a barcode node.

I have also tried /Items/tracking_events/parcel_barcode.

Does the XML node have to exist in the incoming message?


I can extract the barcode to a message header okay.


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2 replies

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You’re using an earlier version of the Lookup connector here - in the latest release of the Lookup connector from the 23.3 release of CData Arc at you’ll find that the Lookup feature has been revamped, and you can declare a parent folder for the new elements to be added to:



This even has a test button that you can use to try it out:




The version that you’re on is a little simpler, just allowing you to output a sibling element, so /Items/tracking_events/parcel_barcode should have worked - what were you seeing when you did that? 

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Okay, I think I have more info on 23.0.8517.0

  • Using a destination of /Items/parcel_barcode works. A new node is created
  • /Items/thing/parcel_barcode did not create a new node ‘thing’ or subnode parcel_barcode. thing doesn’t exist in the original XML.
  • /Items/tracking_events/parcel_barcode gives a ‘Success’ result but the parcel_barcode node is not added to the existing /Items/tracking_events.


In the meantime we  will upgrade to the latest version