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  • 30 March 2023
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I was wondering if it was possible to write and save custom code snippets which would be available for use with any script block.  I have a lot of custom scripts that I re-use often and was wondering it there was a way to build upon the default snippet list.  Either through the Arc interface or by adding my own code files within one of the Arc directories. 




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Hi Eric,


That’s a great idea! As of now, Arc does not have the ability to save custom code snippets for use in the relevant dropdown, however, we can certainly look into adding something like that in one of our future releases. Instead, what you can do is create Script connectors that contain these snippets, and then you can duplicate the Script connector to reuse said snippet. I am aware that this is not exactly what you are asking for though, but it is the closest I can think of to address your use case right away. 


I have created a feature request to give users the ability to add custom snippets. We’ll do our best to accommodate this on our roadmap and will update this thread once we have a planned release for it.


Thanks for the question!