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  • 5 December 2023
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I am setting up a new trading partner to send EDI X12 850 and they keep coming back to me saying “we received your file but it is not processed with octet-stream.  Please send as EDI-X12”.

My X12 connector is setup and working just like the dozens of other trading partners.

This is a screen shot of what they are sending me:

I checked the Advanced settings on my X12 connector and didn’t see where the application/octet-stream is being set.  I tried adding payload=application/edi-x12 on my AS2 Extension map to no avail.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Hi @ericbux 

You are definitely looking at the right place, i.e. the Extension Map field in the Advanced Settings of the AS2 connector.

Extension Maps are a set of name-value pairs that maps file extensions to the desired HTTP Content-Type header value. By default, the application will map the following file extensions to content types:

  • .xml -> application/xml
  • .edi or .x12 -> application/edi-x12
  • .edifact -> application/edifact.

All other file extensions are sent with an application/octet-stream content type.

To add or overwrite mappings, this setting should be a comma-delimited list in extension=contenttype syntax (e.g. .txt=text/plain,.edi=application/edifact).


Can you try defining this in the Extension Maps and see if it helps?


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I do rename my files on the XML Map to correspond to the EDI document type I am sending (in this case my file extension is .850).  I added .850=application/edi-x12 to my AS2 Extension Map.  Hopefully this will solve the issue.