Export Message/Transaction logs?

  • 25 January 2024
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Is there a way to export the message or transaction logs from /logs.rst#messages or logs.rst#transactions ?

I want to analyse traffic so I can determine a maintenance window for the best time do upgrade cData Arc


I’m sure with a bit of AI magic cData Arc could even suggest one 😃



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2 replies

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The ability to export the entries from the Application, Transaction, or Access logs is a feature of the administration console. In the 2023 release of CData Arc, you’ll find this in the Logs tab, and in earlier releases, the logs are downloadable from the Status menu:



Is this what you’re looking for? If you’re looking for something more programmatic, you can access the Logs resource in the Admin API:


But it looks to me like you are looking for a straightforward approach.

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Yep, exporting is fine.


I’ve found the option now. It doesn’t show on the Messages tab.