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  • 28 January 2024
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I've set up a flow that interacts with other services using the REST connector. From this flow I've created a Flow API by multi selecting the entire flow, right clicking it and selecting the API settings option. 

Inside the flow I extract a response header from one of the REST requests respones I receive in the flow and I want that value to show up as an output header of the entire Flow API response whenever this service gets called from the outside. Right now I only can see the default response headers. 

I've read and search the documentation pertinent to these elements but I haven't found out how I can create and parse custom response headers for the Flow API and if anyone knows how to do that, your help will be immensely appreciated 😬


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Unfortunately, there is no way to add custom headers to your Flow API responses in the current release. We provide a few internal headers that are supplied as part of the Flow API response:


However, custom headers are not currently configurable as part of the Response Headers.

We have since submitted this as a feature request with the CData Arc Development Team to have this added to a later release of Arc.