How to Rename a Arc Flow

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I need to promote my flow from our test environment to our production instance.

I plan to export the flow, but I would like to rename it when I import the flow.

Is that possible?



Best answer by James B 9 June 2023, 17:27

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Hi Russell, 


When you’re referring to the flow, do you mean the name of the workspace?


The simplest answer is that if you export a workspace (say it’s called TestWorkspace1), when you move to your production environment, simply create a new workspace for the name (say it’s called ProductionWorkspace1), and from that workspace, import TestWorkspace1.arcflow, either through the menu, or by dragging and dropping the .arcflow onto a blank spot in the Flows page). 


Doing this will import all of the connectors found in TestWorkspace1 into the new production workspace. You can also rename the .arcflow file that you created with the export, if the original workspace name was unclear. 


More specifically, unless you are exporting multiple workspaces at once, the contents of the .arcflow are really the connectors that were present in the workspace, without actually retaining the workspace name itself. 

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Yes, sorry I meant Workspace not flow.


Thanks. That should work from copying from on einstance to another.


If I want to copy a workspace in my test instance and use it as a basis for a new worksace in my test instance will I have problems?

Do connector names have to be unique for in Arc Instance, or just within a Workspace?

I ask because when I try to export EmailReceive1 connector from Instance A Workspace1 into Instance A Workspace2, with `Don’t Import any conflicts` selected, then EmailReceive1 does not get imported.

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The connector names do need to be unique across all of your workspaces (there’s a backend database that stores information about your transactions, and the Connector ID is a key column there). 


The best way to address this is to manually resolve the conflicts on the import, and rename them so that they are unique.