Issue receiving AS2 messages (ArcEsb)

  • 29 January 2024
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Dear Team,


I am in the process of setting up an AS2 link between us and our partner but my partner cannot send us the message. For our part, sending messages to the partner works well but it is impossible to receive their messages.

I have no logs on ArcESB and my partner thinks that the problem comes from us.

We have traffic on our partner's port but we have an error like: 'RST,ACK'

Looks like the partner is rejected.On the partner’log :

disconnection indication         [reason="Error 0 (0x0)"] [origin="0"].

My partner can do a telnet our AS2 server successful.


Could you help me please 

Best Regards,



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Are you able to confirm that the URL that your partner is sending to you at is correct and that you have a clear network path to the URL?

It is difficult to tell from a single packet in a trace and Telnet is not as accurate for testing a connection to an AS2 server as a simple browser connection. Specifically, if your partner is attempting an HTTP connection to an HTTPS port or vice versa, a Telnet connection might complete but a mismatched HTTP/HTTPS scheme would result in a bad connection.