MySQL Connector - Clean up log files

  • 26 April 2024
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I have the files going into the connector every 10 mins and that create a ton of logs in the Input tab.

I already have the Save to Send Folder and Log Messages disabled for the MySQL connector but it is still taking up disk space. 


what would be the best way to handle the clean up process for the MySQL Connector besides the Cleanup Option in the Advanced settings?


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2 replies

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I think you can copy the connector and start using the new connector.

Once that’s okay, you can delete the old connector and the logs will go too.

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You may also wish to make sure that globally, you are not enabling logging at any higher that the Info level. 

Please check Settings (cogwheel) → Advanced → Advanced Settings → Log Level to make sure that this is not set to a higher (more verbose) level than Info, or the application will generate debug level logging for more activity