Exact online - QUERY_ABORTED -Error Fetching Results

  • 7 August 2023
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Hi Team,


Tried to fetch results from Exact online where it does not work properly for some divisions


Exact online - QUERY_ABORTED -Error Fetching Results




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Hey @muthuEOL 

Have you specified a specific Division in the Exact Online Connection? To troubleshoot the issue further, you can increase the Logging Verbosity = 3 in the Advanced Settings, retry the data fetch, and check the logs for detailed information on the specific problem.

It might help you uncover more details on what’s going wrong here and help you take corrective measures.


Hi @Ankit Singh 

Thanks for your reply I increased Verbosity=3 and  Provided specific division in query but still same issue 


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Hello! I’m sorry to hear about this issue you’re facing with our tool. As Ankit mentioned though, it seems like some logging information may be necessary to troubleshoot this issue effectively.

Something like that would best be suited for our dedicated technical support team though. I’d highly recommend reaching out to them at with additional information regarding the issue you’re experiencing.

If necessary, they can share all the steps you need in order to generate some logging information that will help them resolve this issue.