How to Get Quotes as a CData Partner

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At CData, we understand that cost is going to be among your customers’ first questions when evaluating a third-party software vendor. We also understand that customers (and partners) can lose confidence if the quoting process is difficult or lengthy. The best way to get a fast and comprehensive quote from CData is to contact your Partner Program Manager AND CData Sales ( directly over email after registering your customer in our portal HERE.

Vague project requirements make it tricky to provide an accurate estimate, so please try to provide as much detail as possible about the customer and their current use case, including which data sources and applications will be involved in the project, which business unit(s) require connectivity, the proposed deployment architecture, project timing and budget (if defined), and any other important considerations for our sales team. 

Our licensing model varies by product, and our sales team will follow up to collect any additional information they need to build a quote. When additional info is needed to create a quote, please urge your customers to provide that information as quickly as possible to ensure quick turnaround on the quote. 

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