CData Sync and MS Teams REST API


Has anyone ever used the REST API Source to get to MS Teams Auto Attendant and/or Call Queue data?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @bweatherford 

It looks like MS Teams uses GraphQL APIs and it doesn’t have support for getting Call Queues or Auto Attendant data yet.

Some reference queries on the Microsoft forum related to the same here: 

By the way, CData also provides MS Teams as a data source in CData Sync. You can find the Data Model related details here:



@Ankit Singh , thank you for your reply.  My question isn’t against the Graph APIs, but against the Auto Attendant API using the REST API source and if anyone has been successful using this.

I know the MS Teams as a data source in CData Sync works fine against the Graph APIs (we’re using it).

We’re trying to use the REST API Sync data source to get to the Auto Attendant.

Any help here is appreciated.

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Hey @bweatherford 

Can you share the link to this Auto Attendant API that you wish to connect via the REST API source, just so we are on the same page?