CData Sync app and open-source tools going strong

  • 11 October 2023
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Open Source helps to collaborate, build networks, help a wide range of people, develop skills, and gain real-world experience. But what makes open source so popular and trendy today? It is the technology community that is willing to share knowledge and allow people across the world to contribute. We are here to talk about 5 popular open-source tools that are widely used in the world of data science, data engineering, and analytics and how we are utilizing them in the CData Sync app.

  • DBT is an open-source data build tool used to transform data where it lives, and since the CData Sync app version 22 you can directly run transformation models within the app making sure that users have an enhanced experience.
  • PostgreSQL is an advanced open-source RDBMS. It is one of the most popular RDBMS among data engineers due to its stability, features, and how it is constantly improving its performance. In the CData Sync app, you can use PostgresSQL as a source and destination both. We support modern Postgres processes like Change Data Capture(CDC) and Logical Replication as well.
  • MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database. Our connectors allow interaction with NoSQL databases as if they were relational databases.
  • Apache Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL decentralized database system used by many large businesses due to its ability to handle high volumes of data. Our drivers support flexible interpretation of your Cassandra data and have built-in client-side SQL functions.
  • Couchbase is an open-source, distributed multi-model NoSQL database, preferred by many over MongoDB due to its horizontal scalability and memory-first architecture. CData solves the integration problem, allowing you to focus on working with your Couchbase data.

In CData Sync app you can continuously pipeline MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Couchbase data to any database, data lake, or data warehouse.

People across the globe are investing their time in open source more than ever, and CData Sync provides you the platform to utilize them.

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