Directory for local file creation cache for Snowflake

  • 23 October 2023
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When creating temp files to be bulk loaded up to Snowflake, CData Sync appears to be creating the files in this folder on our Windows server:


Is there a way to direct CData to use a different folder, globally, for all temporary workspace?

Thank you!


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3 replies

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Regarding your inquiry, the simple answer is no, we do not have a way to configure this directory path to a desired path location in the Sync config settings. I checked with the Sync team just to be sure and they mentioned that sync does make use of certain default path locations to store temp data that might be associated with the embedded server or default locations that are created by the sync connectors specifically for prepping files to upload and other scenarios too. This means that there are certain default pre-configured path locations where data is stored temporary and are not meant for the users to care about.

With that being said, the team wants to know more about the following for your case?


- What version of Sync are you using? Is it the Windows version or the Java version?
- Is there a particular reason that you want to control the location where the temp data is stored?


Once we have the above details I can discuss further with the Sync team and get back to you with more information.

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Thank you!

Sync  23.3.8689.0, the Java version running on Windows Server.


At the moment, the temp data is on the C: drive (OS disk).  There’s a small chance that the drive could fill up (due to temp file creation) and cause a system crash as a result.  Also, the C: drive is provisioned on slower disk than other drives on the server, which are on SSD storage.  So we could get better performance by picking another temp storage location.


Not a high priority, just something to consider in the future…

Thanks again.

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Thank you for sharing the details. I brought this up with the team and a ticket has been created in our system in order to track your request.

I will let you know as soon as there is an update.