Error when trying to create and save a new connection in CData Sync

  • 24 March 2023
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When I try to configure a new connection in CData Sync, I click the “Create & Test” button, then an error is displayed:

“Add the connection failed: attempt to write to a readonly database”


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1 reply


That error message means that CData Sync is unable to write to its internal application database to save the new connection. Here are some of the potential causes of this error message:

  • Usually, this is a permissions issue. Double-check the file and directory permissions for the Sync installation folder, as well as the Sync application directory (specified in the Web.Config file)
  • If you are running Sync as a desktop application in the system tray, you may also be able to eliminate this issue by running Sync as an administrator.
  • Less commonly, this error could occur because there is no free storage space, preventing Sync from writing changes to its application database (for example, this could happen if you are running Sync on a VM with limited storage space, and the drive inadvertently becomes filled with log files). Check the available storage on the machine running Sync.