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  • 16 November 2023
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So I have a system with CDataSync to sync my data from SQL Server to Azure Synapse with below detail:


Old System:

CDataSync Version: 22.0.8342.0

CData AzureSynapse Provider Version: 22.0.8326.0


New System:

CDataSync Version: 23.3.8704.0

CData AzureSynapse (23.0.8616.0)


I backup the old configuration and restore it to new configuration. However, it keeps getting an error like this 

Error: The SQL Error Number is 103010, State is 1, Severity is 16, Error is 'Parse error at line: 1, column: 126: Incorrect syntax near '.'.', Server name is server1, Line number is 1. The Token Type is 170.


I found that the task is successful when I use this conditions:

  1. I dont use a new scheme for the destination, but I checked the Drop Table/Truncate Table
  2. I use a new scheme, but I unchecked the Drop Table/Truncate Table

Is there a new query or options that changed in the new version? What can I do to fix the error?


Thank you

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