Is there a migrate button on Sync?

  • 27 March 2023
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I’m currently in the process of changing machines and I do have a lot of jobs and connections in my Sync machine, does Sync have a migrate feature that could help me transfer all the jobs and connections in an easier way or do I need to manually recreate all the connections and jobs?


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Sync actually has a built-in migration feature in the application, and it is very easy to use.

To migrate your jobs and connections:

  1. Login to Sync and click on the “Settings” tab in the UI.
  2. On the “Settings”, click on the “Migration” tab.
  3. There you will see “Export Settings” and an “Export” button, click on that button.
  4. A window will pop up and by default all jobs will be selected (if you wish to not export something you can uncheck that job), as well as the Sync settings and users.
  5. After selecting everything you need migrated, click on the blue “Export” button, this will generate a zip folder with all your setting and jobs.
  6. On the new machine, login to Sync, click on the Settings tab, and then Migration tab once again.
  7. Now on the “Import Settings” section click on the “Import” button.
  8. A window will pop-up asking you to browse a zip folder, select the zip from the export you did on step 5, and click the blue “Import” button.
  9. After that all your previous settings will be on your new machine.


Keep in mind that even though all the connection and job settings will be import, you may need to reinstall the respective connectors manually on your new machine.