Questions about how to use "Btrieve Connector" correctly

  • 9 November 2023
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I now use CdataSync to transfer ActianZen database data to Bigquery through Btrieve Connector.
1. Even after the data transfer is completed, if you view it in ActianZen's Monitor, it still exists in ActiveFile, that is to say, the resources have not been released.
2. The open mode of the file whose resources have not been released is not the readonly mode, but the normal mode.

Because of the above problems, table lock occurs on the system operation page using the ActianZen database.

If you know how to solve it, or how I should try to solve it, please tell me, thank you very much.


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3 replies

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Why no one answered?

Could it be because I used Google Translate in English and you couldn‚Äôt understand what I saidūüėÖ

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Hi Huang,

The reason of the delay in responding here is because we were waiting for a confirmation from the product team regarding the Btrieve connector. 


Unfortunately we no longer support connectors for Btrieve, and as such testing and troubleshooting this issue will not be possible for us as we can only  offer support for sources that are currently available in the most up-to-date version of CData Sync. 


I apologize for the inconvenience caused but we will not be able to assist much here. However, as you might already know our Btrieve connector was dependent on the Actian Zen (PSQL) Client so for what it's worth, I would suggest you reach out to the Actian community below and inquire about this topic and connect with other users who might have crossed a similar problem.

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Thank you for your answer. I understand the situation. It seems that I need to change my mind to solve my problem. Thank you again for your information.