Uppercasing the destination table name in Snowflake

  • 6 October 2023
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Snowflake seems to be case-sensitive with table names, sort of.  If the incoming table name from Sync gets created with lower or mixed case, it gets created that way in Snowflake, and you have to reference them with quotes later on when querying.  Like    select * from “my_table".  Whereas if it were created as MY_TABLE, you wouldn’t need to bother adding quotes.

Some data sources (a SQL server database we have, Active Directory, etc.) have lower or mixed case tables as exposed in CData.

Is there a way to uppercase these either on the source as the metadata is read, or, when created in the destination?

thank you!


Best answer by Ankit Singh 6 October 2023, 15:13

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2 replies

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Hi @DougN Nouria 

There isn’t an automated way to modify all the tables the way you desire at the moment. However, you can manually customize this on the Overview tab of each Task in the Job:

1.) Navigate to Jobs → <your table name> → Overview → Edit Destination:

2.) Once the Destination Information window pops up, you can rename the Table in the destination whatever you want.


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Thank you for the tip.  I will enter an enhancement request for future consideration.  :-)