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  • 10 November 2023
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Does anyone have a Data Model (Star Schema ideally) visual they can share for new users to WorkDay intending to use PowerBI with the adapter?


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If with "Star Schema" you are referring to some sort of a diagram that showcases how all of the different tables relate to each other then unfortunately we do not have any support for something like that as our Workday connector is simply pulling the data as is via the Workday API. This is the Data Model that we expose for Workday: 

You can have a look at the WQL Schema as well as the REST Schema if you are looking for particular tables. Also, if  you would be looking to understand how the tables relate to each other you can do that by making use of the system table "sys_foreignkeys" : 

In case you have any questions or issues feel free to send those over at or you can always submit a support case here.