CData Virtuality 4.6: A Leap Forward in Data Integration

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Hey everyone!


We are thrilled to announce the launch of CData Virtuality 4.6! Just eight weeks after acquiring Data Virtuality, we’ve reached a significant milestone that showcases our commitment to leading the data integration market.


Here are the highlights:


Seamless Integration of CData Connectors


Under the expert leadership of Dr. Nick Golovin, our team has developed a framework that allows easy integration of any CData Driver into CData Virtuality. This advancement simplifies the addition of new connectors, enabling seamless integration of over 300 CData connectors within just a few days.


18 New Connectors Added in Record Time


We’ve already integrated the first 18 CData Connectors into CData Virtuality 4.6, including:


• Amazon DynamoDB

• Azure Analysis Services

• CData Connect Cloud

• CosmosDB

• ElasticSearch

• Google Big Query

• JDBC-ODBC Bridge

• Microsoft Dataverse

• Microsoft Excel


• Neo4J

• NetSuite

• SAP (multiple products)

• SQL Analysis Services


The connector to CData Connect Cloud stands out as a powerful tool for our Connect Cloud customers, facilitating a smooth transition to enterprise-grade data architecture through data virtualization.



Rebranding and Enhanced User Experience


Both the SaaS and on-prem versions of the platform are now rebranded from Data Virtuality Platform to CData Virtuality, aligning with our strategic vision to streamline data integration processes and enhance brand recognition.


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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this exciting release. How do you think these new integrations will impact your data workflows? Share your experiences, ask questions, and let’s spark some engaging conversations!


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