Replicating to non-DWH-datasources

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With version 2.4 and above, it is easy to replicate data to DWH and to other destinations.


Note: If the data source does not appear in the list, please verify your JDBC connection specifies the default schema. Add “importer.defaultSchema=<default schema>” to the JDBC connection as shown below.



When replicating data, simply click on the “Target data source” and select an alternate data source as a destination. This example will generate the following SQL statement to perform the update.



EXEC "UTILS.upsert"(source_table => '"demos.sah_orderdetails"', keyColumnsArray => ('salesorderid',), updateColumns => ('salesorderid',), invertUpdateColumns => TRUE, target_table => '"dwh.new_table_upsert"', surrogateKeyType => null, surrogateKeyName => null, dbmsTableCreationOptions => null, checkMaxField => null, defaultvalueIfCheckMaxFieldIsNull => null)


In earlier versions, this GUI functionality is not available in Data Virtuality Studio. However, we can still perform ETL operations to data sources other than DWH. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Using Data Virtuality Studio and begin replicating a table.
  2. Create the job with a disabled schedule. Be sure to uncheck “Enable this schedule”.
  3. Open the “Jobs” windows and locate the job you just created.
  4. Right click on the job title and select “Edit”.
  5. Change the text in the target_table parameter to the destination of your choice and click “Finish”. The text that needs to be changed is highlighted in blue.

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