ApplicationAuthorizationFailed error when connecting to QuickBooks Online

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When testing your connection to QuickBooks Online (QBO), you may run into an error message of [3100] message=ApplicationAuthorizationFailed; errorCode=003100; statusCode=403. Unfortunately, this error message from QBO does not provide much detail into the root of the issue, however, there are a couple of places to check to resolve this error message. 


  1. Insufficient scopes 

During authentication, it is important to note the appropriate scopes are added to provide access to the relevant API. These scopes can be added within the Scope connection property. 


When connecting to the QuickBooks Accounting API, add the ‘’ scope. When connecting to the QuickBooks Payments API, add the ‘’ scope. 


  1. Confirm the base URL 

 When connecting to your QuickBooks Online instance, you have the option to connect to a sandbox or production company by specifying the UseSandbox connection property.  


If you are connecting to a sandbox company, please ensure you are inputting a sandbox URL (e.g. in the URL connection property. 


If instead you are connecting to a production company, please ensure you are inputting the production URL (e.g. 


If the issue persists despite following these troubleshooting steps, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to assist. 

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