Connecting to Netsuite Sandbox accounts using our CData drivers

  • 4 December 2023
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The 'AccountID' connection property serves as the distinguishing factor between NetSuite production accounts and sandbox accounts.  


“AccountID”, indicates the company account your username is associated with on NetSuite.  


Note: You can find your NetSuite account ID at the beginning of the NetSuite URL. For example, if the URL is, your account ID is 1234567.  


Sandbox account IDs are always the same as production account IDs, with ‘_SB1’, ‘_SB2’, ‘_SB3’, and so forth, added to the end:  


Production Account Id  


Sandbox Account Id (1)  


Sandbox Account Id (2)  


Sandbox Account Id (3)  



When connecting to NetSuite sandbox account, make sure to configure the appropriate account ID "AccountID={productionAccountId}_SB1".  


For additional details on how to establish a connection to NetSuite, please consult our driver's documentation using the following link:  


Please reach out to if you have any questions.  

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