Downgrading CData SSIS edition drivers

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Customers may have issues with preexisting connection managers for their packages if they downgrade without performing the proper steps. This fix should theoretically apply to non-CData drivers as well. 

Common issues include: A newly added connection manager would be the same version as the uninstalled driver, A pre-existing connection manager returns something like “…is not recognized as a valid connection manager type”. 

Notes for downgrades: Before completing any downgrade, make sure you backup your SSIS Package / the installers for the used SSIS Components so that you can continue working on another machine in case you make a mistake. We DO NOT advise users to downgrade without properly documenting everything they are doing for that downgrade. 


1. Uninstall the current version of the SSIS driver you have. 

- Windows: Add/Remove Programs 


- Navigate to the driver installation directory (“C:\Program Files\CData” by default) and run the “Uninstall” application from the driver’s folder. 

2. Install the version of the SSIS driver you want. 

3. (Optional if still having issues) **Caution: improper configuration here can lead to major issues** 

Manually add the DLL we provide in the driver’s ‘lib’ folder to “<< Microsoft SQLServer Installation Folder >>\xxx\DTS\ PipelineComponents” and the Windows GAC “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL”. 



Please read this for more info before doing step 3:

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