Export DSN configuration settings from current machine to another

  • 15 December 2023
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For a variety of reasons, there may be a need to use CData ODBC Connectors on a different machine. To streamline the process and avoid time-consuming manual tasks, it's possible to transfer the DSN configuration settings from the current machine to the new one.  

This can be accomplished through a straightforward set of steps, detailed in this article. 

  1. Open Registry Editor program by simply searching in your Windows search bar.  

  1. Enter one of the paths on top of the Registry Editor window, depending on what type of DSN you are looking to export:   



  1. Scroll in the alphabetical list until you find your desired DSN. Then, right-click on it and choose the Export option. 



  1. Choose a name for the .REG file to export the DSN details to. Once that is exported, move it to the new machine. 

  1. Please, make sure to create a DSN of the same name, of the same User/System context, and bit-ness (if a System DSN) on your new machine. You do not need to configure it at all.   

  1. Once you run the .REG file exported from the old machine, the 'non-configured' DSN should now be updated with the same configurations as in your old machine. 

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