How to perform a silent uninstall of a CData Driver in Windows

  • 15 December 2023
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To perform a silent uninstall on a CData driver follow the steps below: 

Firstly, open Windows Power Shell or command prompt. Make sure that you open them with elevated permissions, this ensures that the machine will not prompt you for the uninstallation. 

Next, you need to type in the following command: 

"C:\Program Files\CData\CData Excel Add-In\uninstall(<Yourdrivername>).exe" /S /V /qn 

  • /S: This option is used to perform a silent installation, which means the installation process runs in the background without displaying any user interface. 

  • /V: This option is used to pass command-line options and values of public properties through to Msiexec.exe. In our case, it’s passing /qn onto the embedded MSI installer. 

  • /qn: This is a msiexec switch indicating to run with no UI. It specifies that there’s no user interface during the installation process. 

Note: This example is for CData Excel-Add in but if you want a more generalized version for ADO.NET, JDBC, SSIS, ODBC, and PowerBI driver it would be as follows: 

"C:\Program Files\CData\CData <EDITION> Driver for <YourDriverName> <YouDriver’sYear>\Uninstall.exe" /S /V /qn 

Make sure to change the values <EDITION>, <YourDriverName>, and <YouDriver’sYear> to correspond with your specific use case. 

Note that the PowerBI and OBDC components don’t have the Driver’s year in the path: 

Example: CData ODBC Driver for Google Analytics 

Here is an example with JDBC for MongoDB 2021: 

"C:\Program Files\CData\CData JDBC Driver for MongoDB 2021\Uninstall.exe" /S /V /qn 

When using ODBC and Power BI drivers an extra step is required. Normally a confirmation pop-up appears, requesting permission to remove the DSN configuration.  

By default, this CMD line will delete the DSN configuration as well, if you would like to silently uninstall the ODBC drivers but keep the DSN configuration you can use this extra parameter “/RETAINDSN” 

So, an example with the ODBC Driver for Slack would be: 

"C:\Program Files\CData\CData ODBC Driver for Slack\Uninstall.exe" /S /V /qn /RETAINDSN 


Please reach out to if this does not resolve the problem for you. 

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