SQL Gateway does not support multiple schemas

  • 3 August 2023
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SQL Gateway does not allow you to select different schemas at once. Depending on the driver, in order to access different schemas, the main workaround is to create different Data Sources and Linked Servers. Based on the driver you can: 

  • Utilize the Database/Schema property to create two or more data sources. For example, in MongoDB you can use the Database property to select different schemas.  

  • You can create one Linked Server from the first Data Source created with the Database property set to the first schema (Test). 

  • Create another Linked Server from the second Data Source created with the Database property set to the second schema (Test2). 




  • You can create two Linked Servers and two separate Data Sources for SQL utilizing the BrowsableSchemas property to select a different schema in each of the connections, for example: 

  • Create the first Data Source and set BrowsableSchemas to only the first schema. 

  • Create the second Data Source and set BrowsableSchemas to only the second schema. 

  • Create 2 Linked Servers utilizing the respective data sources. 



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