System error: No such host is known when attempting to connect to a named instance of SQL Server (SERVERNAME\INSTANCE)

  • 9 April 2024
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When creating a new SQL Server connection in CData Arc and setting the Server to the named instance form SERVERNAME\INSTANCE, an error is encountered: 



Cause: CData Arc will attempt to resolve the Server value into an IP address or domain name to connect to, and the DNS server will be unable to resolve this value into a network name.  

Server names in the SERVERNAME\INSTANCE format are named instances of SQL Server, where INSTANCE refers to one of multiple instance on the SERVERNAME host. CData Arc does not support discovery of the instance by name, and instead, the SERVERNAME alone should be provided, and the Port set to the server port of the named instance (please contact your SQL Server administrator to determine this if it is not known).  

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