CData Arc Quick Tip of the Quarter: Using the Arc Vault

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This quarter’s quick tip centers around the Arc Vault, a feature that enables storing and referencing values for simpler and more secure configuration.

Why Use It

Here are a few cases in which the Vault is helpful:

  • Save time when using the same configuration values in multiple connectors
  • Protect sensitive values from limited-permissions users
  • Simplify the process of updating passwords or identifiers across all workflows

How It Works

The Arc Vault allows you to give certain configuration values a “name” so that you can refer to these values by name instead of by the value itself.

For example, if my SFTP server password is “test123,” I can use the Arc Vault to give this value a name like “mySFTPPassword.” Then, when configuring SFTP connectors, I can use “mySFTPPassword” instead of the password value itself in the connector’s configuration.

The vault stores the relationship between the name (“mySFTPPassword”) and the value (“test123”) so that either can be used within Arc. Sensitive values can be encrypted so that Arc users can use password values without revealing the password itself.

Changing the value within the vault changes the value across all instances of that name throughout Arc workflows.

How To Start

The Arc Vault can be accessed by clicking the cogwheel in the top-right of the Arc interface. This opens the settings page, which includes a tab for the Vault.

From the Vault tab, you can follow a few simple steps to create new name-value pairs within Arc:

  • Click the ‘Add’ button at the top-left of the page
  • Provide the ‘Name’ – this is what will be used within Arc configuration to reference the value
  • Select ‘Standard’ or ‘Encrypted’ – use ‘Encrypted’ to obscure and protect sensitive values
  • Provide the value itself (e.g., “test123” from the above example)
  • Optionally add tags to make your values searchable and categorized

And that’s it! Now you can simplify your enterprise workflow configuration with name-value pairs in the Vault.


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We also use the vault to define variable parameters in our DTAP-environment.

In Dev/Test we use different paths, databases, retry-counts than in the Prod/Acc-environment.
The flow is the same in every environment.

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Vault values can be used in Expressions and ArcScript too. Look at the `Vault()` function