CData Embedded Connectivity - Q1 2024

CData Embedded Connectivity - Q1 2024

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The average enterprise uses 150+ tools, and 82% of software buyers require any new SaaS tools to connect with their existing stack. So how do you go about adding these integrations to your product?

In this newsletter, we dive into the key considerations of integrations and how to scale them:

  • Building integrations in-house vs. partnering with a provider
  • The difference between data connectors and APIs
  • An overview of standards-based SQL drivers
  • OAuth considerations for SaaS integrations


Product integration strategy: Build vs. buy SaaS integrations

Most product teams build their first few integrations in-house but quickly hit a brick wall when they have to scale integrations. In this guide, we cover the API challenges,

maintenance requirements and staffing strategy to consider in your build vs. buy evaluation.
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How data connectors standardize APIs

CData Drivers place non-standard APIs inside a standard SQL wrapper so you can use the same queries across every single API. Learn more about how standards-based data connectors bring scalability to product integrations.
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Recent resources

  • CData Drivers: Standards-based drivers are CData’s solution for scaling integrations. Our Sr. Technology Evangelist Jerod Johnson provides a breakdown in this short video.
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  • Building your own drivers: If you are planning to build your own SQL data connectors, don't start until you’ve read this series from CData CTO Tomas Restrepo on the architecture and development behind CData Drivers.
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  • Everything you need to know about OAuth: One of the major challenges of building your own product integrations is navigating the complexities of OAuth. Learn how CData handles it in our comprehensive guide.
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What we learned at Gartner D&A 2024

The CData team was once again pleased to exhibit at the annual Gartner Data & Analytics conference this year. Read our insights from the world’s premier data-centric tradeshow. Miss us in Orlando? We'll be at the Gartner show in London this May, and we look forward to seeing you there!
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