CData Sync Newsletter - Q1 2024

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CData Sync Newsletter - Q1 2024

CData Sync Newsletter


Our latest CData Sync release gives you more flexibility to manage your data. Now you can more easily customize data movement via APIs as well as bring data into Salesforce. Key enhancements include:

  • Enhanced efficiency and flexibility within the API Connector via Query Slicer
  • Reverse ETL to better enable your operations and analytics teams

Find more details in the videos and blogs below.


More efficiently replicate data via API with Query Slicer

Following last year’s release of the API Connector, we have added the Query Slicer to enable more dynamic API calls. Whereas previously, users were limited to specific ID calls in the API Connector, they can now leverage an ‘IN’ statement to iterate through a list of available IDs, allowing them to write more efficient and flexible API calls.
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Empower your business teams with reverse ETL into Salesforce

Your business users are clamoring for data, and our first reverse ETL destination has arrived — Salesforce. Pushing database insights from your warehouse or analytics platform into Salesforce will help your operational teams better leverage data from across the organization for decision-making and strategy development.
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SingleStore walks through simple Oracle data migration

Our friends at SingleStore put together a detailed yet simple walkthrough of how to create a replication job from Oracle into a SingleStore database. With clear screenshots and four easy-to-follow steps, the SingleStore team guides you through the replication process.
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Sync Cloud is on the horizon

Q2 2024 is set to mark a major milestone for Sync with the planned launch of Sync Cloud. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of Sync will handle all the hosting and maintenance, with the same broad, rich set of data sources and destinations. And the pricing structure will still be based on connections, not data volume, so you don’t pay for every row. Stay tuned!



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