Drivers In Focus March 2023

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Drivers In Focus March 2023

Drivers in Focus: JSON and Parquet

Welcome to Drivers in Focus, our newsletter highlighting CData connectivity for a featured data source. In this edition, we’ll provide an overview of CData data storage and file format solutions. Some file formats like XML and CSV are easy to read, while others like JSON and Parquet files are not. We’ll do a deep technical dive to look at how CData makes it easy to read any file from any BI or reporting tool – no matter the format.

Check out Part 1 of our blog series to learn more about data storage and file format drivers, including what they are, and typical use cases.


Video overview: Use Power BI with Parquet files

Watch this video to see how easy it is to perform analytics on data stored in Parquet files using Power BI.


Simplified access to file data

Check out Part 2 of our blog series for a technical dive into how CData:

  • Helps organizations understand and manage the files they have stored
  • Simplifies access to the data stored in files regardless of the format

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