Drivers In Focus October 2022

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Drivers In Focus October 2022

Drivers in Focus: Oracle

Welcome to Drivers in Focus, our newsletter highlighting CData connectivity for a featured data source. In this edition, we give you a peek into powerful Oracle connectivity solutions.

Teams across the organization leverage Oracle, from HR and finance to sales, marketing and IT. CData provides comprehensive solutions for Oracle data connectivity to support all these functions.

Leveraging CData solutions, your organization and data analysts can:

  • Gain insights on Oracle data in BI & analytics platforms
  • Pipe & integrate data from across the organization into your Oracle ecosystem
  • Automate on top of Oracle systems with integrated workflows
  • Build applications on live Oracle data

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Video Overview: CData Oracle Connectivity

Learn more about connecting to your entire Oracle ecosystem with this overview of our Oracle connectivity & integration solutions.
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Join Us at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

We're headed to the Oracle CloudWorld conference in Las Vegas from October 17-20. If you are attending, stop by the CData booth! We will be connecting with Oracle customers and partners looking to maximize their investment in the Oracle ecosystem.
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