Data Virtualization, Reimagined - On-demand (video playlist)

  • 15 March 2024
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Data Virtualization, Reimagined - On-demand (video playlist)
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Learn why a new approach to data virtualization is needed to remove the biggest bottleneck faced by modern data teams.

  • IT leaders: Watch to learn how to think about this new approach to data virtualization within your data management stack.
  • Data analysts: Hear from fellow end users on the benefits of accessing live data directly from a variety of source systems.
  • CIOs & CDOs: See how self-service data initiatives can be accelerated with a governed approach to live data access across teams.

Data Virtualization, Reimagined - A Look Back and a Look Ahead with Amit Sharma

CData's co-founder and CEO shares his perspective on the data virtualization market and what led the company to introduce a new approach specifically designed for modern data stacks and teams.


Data Virtualization, Reimagined - A Customer's Perspective with Nathan Thompson (Scorpion)

Learn how Nathan Thompson's financial planning and analysis team at Scorpion dramatically accelerated their reporting process in enabling live data access within Power BI from Sage Intacct, ADP and other core systems.


Data Virtualization, Reimagined - A Partner's Perspective with Bruce Sandell (Google Cloud)

Looker's Bruce Sandell is joined by CData's Jerod Johnson to provide a live demonstration of how Looker users benefit from instant access to live data across over 300 enterprise applications and data platforms.


Data Virtualization, Reimagined - A Product Perspective with Mike Albritton

CData's head of product for cloud provides a hands-on demonstration of the latest product capabilities that have been driven by direct customer feedback on what they want out of data virtualization.


Data Virtualization, Reimagined - An Analyst's Perspective with Noel Yuhanna

Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna shares his firm's latest research on the most pervasive data management challenges faced by today's enterprises. He also provides a perspective on the benefits of creating an integration strategy that incorporates live data access via data virtualization and replication via ETL/ELT.


Visit the CData Software YouTube channel for our complete video library.


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