Implementing Bearer Token in a Webhook

  • 10 August 2023
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Hi CData Community,

    I am trying to add another layer of security for a webhook. I would like to do the following:
    1. Pass @authtoken query parameter for CData API auth
    2. Pass Authorization via headers
Unfortunately, I am getting an error Error: Authentication is required for access to this resource.
It seems like the webhook first checks the Authorization header for CData API auth before checking the query parameter @authtoken.
But I need the Authorization header for my additional security. Is this implementation possible?



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Hi Nathaniel,

Unfortunately what you are trying to do here is not natively supported within the Webhook connector. The Authorization header is reserved in the Webhook connector specifically for use with the auth token that is created for each webhook user and it cannot be overridden.

However, I have been successful in using the response event of the webhook connector to implement a http signature requirement for webhook, shown here:

While this isn’t quite what you were trying to do, this solution is pretty close and honestly might be a better choice if you are looking for an extra later of security.