IICS target failing when encountering error records

  • 5 July 2024
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I’m using the cdata connector to load from snowflake to Microsoft dynamics dataverse target.

I have tested the following approach:

  1. I have tested with JDBC_IC connection and the reject records are captured in error file but processes the good records.
  2. While running with the JDBC V2 connection the mapping fails when it encounters a record and rolls back all record.

Any suggestions on creating error record file with JDBC V2 would be very helpful

1 reply

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Hi @shai 

Based on what you are describing, I don't see how the CData JDBC driver for Dataverse is related here as you are using the same driver in both scenarios and the only thing changing in your configuration is the type of JDBC interface you are using in Informatica Cloud. It is my understanding that Informatica has decided to sunset JDBC_IC in favor of the JDBCV2 connection type however we are unaware of any differences between the two type of connections. That said, please note that this is not a behavior of the DataVerse driver but something related to Informatica and how the JDBCV2 connection type works so we are unable to answer your question. It would be best if you inquire with the Informatica Support team.