Unabale to see the user created workday views/datasets on CData SSIS connector

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi Team,


in workday SSIS cdata connector whatever my team has been created new views based on workday system datasets are not visible on views dropdown list. is there any permissions issue?  or user created views we will not see?


kidnly Suggest.



Renukachari Kasee

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Hi @Renukachari_Kasee 

In case you are referring to Workday custom reports defined by users, please be aware that Custom Report data is exposed through Workday Reports as a Service (RaaS). These reports are exposed as views within the Reports schema and in order to access them you will need to change the ConnectionType to 'Reports'

Workday does not have a built-in way for the driver to determine which reports have been exposed via RaaS, so you must create a custom report to use this feature, by following the steps explained below: 

If this does not answer your question, please reach out to our support team at